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"Standing Watch" Giclee'


16" x 24" Canvas Giclée Print

In a rich dark walnut finished 3" frame with very subtle antique gold detail




Fire lookouts are icons of the American West.  The remote solitary structures conjure up images of high country rangers stoically vigilant in the face of harsh and lonely conditions. The number and use of fire lookouts has declined drastically since their peak use in the mid twentieth century.   I first became involved with the Northwest Montana Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association when asked if I would consider a commission for the organization. I jumped at the chance and "Standing Watch" is the result. The painting depicts the lookout on Firefighter Mountain on the east side of Hungry Horse Reservoir in the shadow of Great Northern Mountain.  I have always wanted to use lookouts in paintings. They are to me one more surviving component of the romantic and heroic west.


Even if I had no affinity for the subject, I doubt I would have been able to resist the infectious enthusiasm of the NWMT-FFLA board for all things outdoors and for fire lookouts in particular.  When the founders of the chapter speak of their time spent in lookouts, phrases like "tranquility that nurtures the soul" and "restoration of the spirit" as a result of 360 degrees of awe-inspiring landscape for hundreds of square miles are common themes.  Apparently the experience of a nighttime thunderstorm sixty feet up a tower on a mountaintop is pretty "transformative" as well.


I feel pretty fortunate to have the opportunity to paint a much loved subject and hopefully contribute to their survival on the Montana landscape.


Rob Akey


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