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2013/14 Restoration Projects

Project History

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Holland Lookout Cabin

The lookout cabin sits on a ridge north of Holland Lake at an elevation of 8,050'.  The original stone and shake structure was built in 1928.  An L4 was built at a later date 20' up the ridge from the cabin and burned in a wildfire.   After the L4 burned the present cabin received infrequent maintenance until 2013 when it was completely rehabilitated and is weather and rodent proof.


Although this was not a NWMT- FFLA project, members provided rehabilitation support on this historic fire cabin

under the Flathead National Forest Volunteer Lookout Program.

Spotted Bear Lookout

First permanent lookout on the Flathead National Forest, the original structure was built in 1914 and replaced with the current tower in 1933.  Located 7 miles by trail east of Spotted Bear Ranger Station at an elevation of 7,230'.

During a July work project a team of four

NWMT - FFLA members and friends contributed 160 person hours of general maintenance work on Spotted Bear Lookout.  



Tasks included roof repair, scrape &paint soffit and windows, repair screen door & replace screen, replace trap door gate, paint replacement shutters, construct shutter storage platform, replace & paint six stair treads, and numerous other smaller projects.

The team consisted of volunteers Jeff Woodcock & Harry McAllister from Kalispell, Greg Evan from Polebridge and project leader Chuck Manning from Lakeside, MT.

Chuck Manning photos

Moran Patrol Cabin

Built in 1928, the cabin was the first of three separate lookouts within 2 miles of one another on Coal Ridge.  At an elevation of 7,285', the cabin is 1 mile west of the old L4 tower site ruins and 2 miles west of the old platform site ruins. 


When the L4 was built in 1941, the cabin was used as a remote fire cache.


Staffed until the 60's, this cabin is the only structure left on the ridge.

Rehabilitation work began in 2012 and completed in September of 2014.


Check it out on Google Maps!

NWMT - FFLA purchashed siding and trim for this historic fire cabin

rehab project which was installed by the Forest Service in the fall of 2014.

Jeff Shanafelt , Leif Haugen, Chuck Manning, & Kjell Petersen photos

Firefighter Lookout
This lookout gets an abundance of visitors during the summer.  
NWMT - FFLA purchased this 8' picnic table so guests could enjoy the views of
Great Northern Mountain and Hungry Horse Reservoir while atop the mountain.

Kjell Petersen photos

Project History

2023   2022   2021   2020   2019   2018   2017   2016   2015   14/13

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