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2015 Restoration Projects

Baptiste Picnic Table

A 6' picnic table, donated by NWMT/FFLA, was delivered to the lookout by Rick Mathies, Pam Stocks, & Dawn Brennan of the Northwest Montana Back Country Horesemen.  Stained by Debo Powers and reassembled by Rick & Marli Davis.

Dawn Brennan, Debo Powers, Rick & Marli Davis photos

Sex Peak
NWMT/FFLA volunteers,
Cathy Calloway, Daniel Revell, Doug Berglund, Doug Lang, and Chuck Manning participated in this renovation project on the Cabinet Ranger District (CRD) of the Kootenai National Forest.  This project was done under the guidance of Jason Cooper and Les Razor with the CRD.  The total project included repairing two walls, cleaning the cab ceiling, removing old loose glazing, reglazing, priming and painting 76 window panes (that’s several separate steps on each window pane), and removing the door and windows that open for ventilation to be repaired, reglazed, painted and rehung.  Still to be completed this year by the Forest Service is some roof repair, one window to be rebuilt and the shutters to be replaced later this fall.

Cathy Calloway & Chuck Manning Photos

NWNT-FFLA volunteers Kathy Butterfield, Greg Evans, and Scott Murphy teamed up with Nick Leritz, Glacier National Park Maintenance, and spent several days this summer at Huckleberry Lookout doing maintenance and repairs.   Maintenance included painting the exterior of the lookout structure while repairs consisted of glazing and painting the many windows that surround cab in addition to securing the guy wires that hold the structure to the mountain top.

Greg Evans, Chuck Manning & Lori Roberts Photos

In early August, NWMT/FFLA Volunteers Zoe Zander, Nancy Cronin, and Mark Manning spent three days in the Bob Marshall Wilderness on Jumbo Lookout above the confluence of Youngs Creek, Danaher Creek and the South Fork of the Flathead River.  Pack support was provided through Northwest Montana Backcountry Horsemen, including Andy Brelund, Chuck Allen, Robert Eversole, Tina Mae Weber & Tim Weber.  Zoe, Nancy and Mark joined up with Spotted Bear Ranger District’s Backcountry Facilities Manager, Andy Nelson to work on a number of maintenance and improvement projects including digging a new privy hole, constructing a new hitching rail, cutting firewood, rebuilding a stone wall, painting trim and shutters, and patching the roof.  Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in this remote project and to Amy Pearson, who is currently staffing Jumbo Lookout, for her hospitality.



Mark Manning & NWMTBCH Photos

Mud Lake
This restoration project was 23 miles into the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness on Mud Lake Lookout, built in 1932, required a rock solid partnership between the USFS,  Back Country Horseman, Salmon Forks Outfitters, and volunteers from the NWMT/FFLA.  We
 repaired the cabin, hung new shutters, scraped and painted the structure, installed a wood stove and generally dialed in the interior to make Mud Lake Lookout a more viable tool for forest fire management in the Bob.  Needed supplies and materials were packed into the USFS Salmon Forks Cabin by Back Country Horsemen,  Chip Beck and John Peine. Janis and Mark Moss along with Gordon Gibbs of Salmon Forks  Outfitters “bumped up” our food and materials from the South Fork of the Flathead to our project.  They also went the extra mile and carried a load of gear to the Meadow Creek Trail Head at the end of our hitch.  This project was facilitated through the cooperation of Spotted Bear Ranger District managers Seth Carbonari and Andy Nelson.
This project would not have been possible without our crew of hearty volunteers.  Thank you to Tom Caughlan, Malcolm Brooks, Cole Brooks, Zan Deery, Doug Morehouse and NWMT/FFLA board member and project coordinator, Rick Davis.

Zan Deery Photos

Lookout Assessments

Condition assessments will be used to determine maintenance schedules in the future.

Thank you to Mark Hufstetler and Molly Tingley for the assessment on Mt Brown; Terry Richmond, Rick Davis & Chuck Manning on Meadow Peak and Scott Murphy, Sue Paulson & Chuck Manning on Apgar Lookout.

Mark Hufstetler & Chuck Manning photos

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