2019 Restoration Projects

  Mount Wam Lookout 


Wam Lookout is located in the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area.  

Fifteen days were spent at this site doing major restoration work and in the end was boarded up in late September after all the windows were removed and flown to an offsite location to be completely restored.  Volunteer crew members that helped at various stages of this summer's work were Jeannine Olson, Julie Von Eschen, Chuck Stearns, Peter Kitts, Rick Davis,

Mark Beckwith, and Chuck Manning.

The Montana Conservation Corp also provided support for this project.


Rick Davis & Chuck Manning

  Swede Mountain Lookout 


Troy Denman


Swede Mountain Lookout, aka Big Swede, is  located on the Libby Ranger District and is a staffed lookout.  NWMT-FFLA board member/crew leader Troy Denman along with Roof Works Inc. of Kalispell, MT replaced the roof in early October.  The work also had to be done when it was not in being staffed so dodging the fall rains and snow flurries became a challenge. Thank you Jim, Troy, Jared, Ryan, Quin and Kyle for your efforts in completing this project this fall.

  Mount Brown Lookout  Assessment & Project  

This year's maintenance on Mt Brown consisted of scrapping & painting much of the interior and doing extensive work on all windows inside and out.  On three separate occasions volunteer crew members, in total and in part, Chuck & Nancy Manning and Eileen Beck spent 9 days working in the lookout.  During September and October this lookout is used as a Mount Brown Hawk Watch Program overnight facility.


Chuck Manning

  Apgar Lookout Condition Assessment Training 

The Apgar Mountain Lookout assessment was conducted in June.  This assessment was in part a training opportunity for those who choose to help with future assessments.  Those helping  with this assessment were Rick & Marli Davis, Jeff Clark, Greg Evans, and Chuck Manning.


Chuck Manning

  Swiftcurrent Lookout Condition Assessment 

Swiftcurrent Lookout is perched at 8,436 ft in Glacier National Park.  Crew members Greg & Sue Evans and Kimberly Lindstrom conducted this assessment and camped one night at Granite Park Backcountry Campground before hiking to the lookout.  Swiftcurrent Lookout is a staffed lookout and is the highest point in Glacier accessible by trail.


Sue Evans

  Numa Ridge Lookout  Condition Assessment 

Greg Evans and Kathy Butterfield conducted this assessment.  Numa Ridge Lookout is on the west edge of Glacier National Park and overlooks Bowman Lake and much of the North Fork of the Flathead River Valley.  Numa Ridge is a staffed lookout.


Greg Evans