2018 Restoration Projects

 Cyclone Lookout 

 Flathead NF 



This multi-day project involved scraping and painting the exterior of the lookout cab,

catwalk and stair railings.  

We are grateful to our volunteers, Karen Sheets, Bob Staint-Louis, Kathy Butterfield, and Board Member Cathy Calloway for their dedication to this project.



Cathy Calloway

 Firefighter Lookout 

 Flathead NF 



A huge THANK YOU to the Kalispell Daybreak Rotary Club for volunteering 

to paint Firefighter Lookout

through our organization.

This multi-day project involved scraping and painting the exterior of the lookout cab, catwalk and stair railings.


Thank you crew leaders 

Lynn St.Pierre & Lacie Angel

and Club members

Rex Boller, Jim Langford, 

Andrew St.Pierre,

Mary Jane Lawrence, Gary Lawrence,

Beth Showalter, Pierre Captanian,

Alan Ruby, Mollyo Nichloson,

Michael Reeves, Tami Beams,

 & Dennis Beams.

Lacie 📷 Angel

Lynn  St.Pierre

 Scalplock Lookout 

 Glacier NP 

This project was under the supervision of GNP maintenance personnel; the NWMT-FFLA volunteer assisted where needed.  Work involved scraping and painting siding, replacing and painting skirt boards, painting stringers and stairs, and replacing and painting decking.

Our GNP liaison volunteer 

Greg Evans, once again contributed a good deal

to the project.

Thank You Greg!

Greg 📷 Evans

 Mud Lake Lookout 

 Flathead NF 

The Mud Lake Lookout restoration project began in 2016 and this year’s work brought it close to completion.  

Crew members Rick Davis, Karen Sheets, and Chuck Manning worked alongside Andy Nelson, Backcountry Facility Manager on the Spotted Bear Ranger District to replace a badly damaged window and re-glaze, paint, and re-set windows on three sides of the structure.  A special thanks goes out to Salmon Forks Outfitters who donated their packers and stock to support this project.  



Chuck 📷 Manning

 Meadow Peak Lookout 

 Kootenai NF 

The Meadow Peak Lookout Project brings to a close a 3 year project which began in 2016.  

The final phase consisted of installing and painting shutters, rebuilding  stairs, and addressing other maintenance needs.  

Returning this summer were volunteer crew members Terry Richmond, Harry McAllister, Neil Jensen, and Mary Ann & Ron Erickson who worked long hours to help finish this project.  Forest Service employee Aaron Minney also volunteered on his day off to help out.      



Mary Ann Erickson

Chuck Manning

   Northwest Peak Lookout 

 Kootenai NF 

The Northwest Peak Lookout project was the 2nd year of a multi-year rehabilitation project.  

This summer's work was focused on building and painting new shutters that

will be installed next year.  

Thank you Rita Braun,

Chuck Stearns, Aaron Minney, and Chuck Manning for volunteering for this project.  



Rita Braun

Chuck Manning

  Mount Wam Lookout 

 Kootenai NF 

The Mount Wam Lookout Project is located in the beautiful Ten Lakes Scenic Area.  This summer’s work included leveling the lookout building, painting, and installing new shutters. 

Thank you Don Stolte, Robert Saint-Lewis, Barbra Bates, and Reggie Good for your help on this phase of a 2 year rehab project.  

Wam lookout is on the Forest Service rental program.



Barbara Bates

Chuck Manning

Brad 📷 Davis

 Huckleberry Lookout 

 Glacier NP 

The Huckleberry Lookout re-roofing project was primarily managed by GNP personnel with assistance from NWMT volunteer Jeff Clark who focused on re-aligning, bracing, and re-roofing the outhouse.  Additionally Jeff replaced latches on 9 lookout vent doors and assisted the roofing crew move scaffolding.



Jeff Clark