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2017 Restoration Projects

 Meadow Peak Lookout

Phase Two of this three year project was the outcome of a collaborative 2015 condition assessment conducted by the Kootenai National Forest and the NWMT-FFLA. 


Based out of the historic Raven Ranger Station, this summer's crew traveled each day to work on the lookout. 


This year's work consisted of painting new shutters built at the Regional Historic Preservation Shop in Missoula and storing them at the lookout site for installation next year.  Replacing ceiling boards, soffit & fascia and the west wall below windows.  

New materials and all exterior walls scraped and painted.

A big thank you goes out to Matt Heinen, MCC Intern, Justin Moschelle & Cindy Henry, KNF Archaeologists, and NWMT/FFLA volunteers Harry McAllister,Terry Richmond, Neil Jensen, Duane Bauch, Ron Erickson, and Chuck Manning for their dedication and help this year in preserving this historic structure.


Chuck Manning 

 Little Napa Lookout

This year's tasks:

Removed the old trap door, enlarged the

opening, constructed and installed a

new larger weighted trap door.

Replaced catwalk decking and handrails. 

We are grateful to NWMT-FFLA volunteers Steve Penner, Doug Berglund, Barb Penner, Rick Davis, and Chuck Manning for 

their determination to see this project

to completion.


DNRC supplied the materials and NWMT-FFLA supplied the labor. 


A special thank you goes out to everyone at DNRC’s Forest Division/Swan Unit for the role they played in this project.  Little Napa is staffed part time by DNRC.


Chuck Manning & Barb Penner

 Moran Patrol Cabin

Moran Patrol Cabin (a.k.a. Coal Ridge Cabin) received more attention this summer.  Crew leader Traute Parrie reported, “the bulk of the work involved scraping and painting the west facing gable end, as well as the south facing exterior wall and rafter tails.  There was also some spot scraping and painting on each of the other two walls, and the north rafter tails.” 

Thank you Greg Evans, Don Carroll, and Scot Schermerhorn for volunteering to keep this cabin in tip-top shape!  Moran Patrol Cabin is located along the Pacific Northwest Trail west of Polebridge on the North Fork of the Flathead River.  


Traute Parrie

 Northwest Peak Lookout

Northwest Peak Lookout

is located in the Northwest Peak Scenic Area on the Kootenai National Forest.  Built in 1929, this L4 lookout prototype has withstood some of the most extreme weather conditions possible.

Ceiling boards were removed to access rafters.  Collar ties installed to tie rafters together and ceiling joists secured to collar ties.

Salute to this year's volunteer crew:  Matt Heinen, MCC Intern, NWMT/FFLA volunteers Reggie Good, Barbara Bates, Peter Kitts, and Chuck Manning.

Thank you team for getting this

structure closer to a stable future. 

A special thank you goes out to the Three Rivers Ranger District who supplied all materials and made sure our tools and gear were delivered on-site.


Chuck Manning

 Mud Lake Lookout

Mud Lake Lookout is located 23 miles in from the Meadow Creek Trailhead on the South Fork of the Flathead River.  This is the third year the NWMT-FFLA has worked on this lookout.  Rebuilding the west wall was our task this year which had failed due to some structural shortcomings.  The lookout was built in the early 30’s and abandon in the early 70’s.   This year’s project was supported by packers from the Spotted Bear Ranger Station and Salmon Forks Outfitters.  Two NWMT-FFLA volunteers, Rick Davis and Chuck Manning, worked with Spotted Bear Ranger District’s Backcountry Facility Manager, Andy Nelson, on this project.  

Thank you to all involved!


Chuck Manning

 Loneman Lookout Assessment

Loneman is located north of Nyack in Glacier National Park.  Access is by fording the Middle Fork of the Flathead River and Nyack Creek.  After a 7.4 mile hike and an elevation gain of 3900 ft. you reach the lookout.  Thanks to the warm welcome of Karen Reeves, staffing the lookout, we conducted a thorough condition assessment for the Park Service.  From Loneman the assessment crew could view the south edge of the Sprague fire as well as many spectacular mountain peaks like Mt St. Nicholas and Mt Stimson.

Thank you to NWMT/FFLA volunteers Traute Parrie, Greg Evans, Duane Bauch, and Chuck Manning for your effort and support on this assessment.



Duane Bauch

 Porcupine Lookout Assessment

In the NW corner of Glacier National Park, Porcupine Ridge Lookout sits overlooking the Waterton Valley and directly at the west face of MT Cleveland, the highest mountain in the GNP.  A thorough condition assessment was badly needed as the bears and other critters have tried to gain access since it was last rehabilitated in 2003.  Greg Evans, Kyle Stetler, Molly Tingley and Chuck Manning participated in this assessment. 

A special thanks goes to Kelsey Bauer, GNP Backcountry Ranger at Goat Haunt who guided them up the Valentine Creek creek bed overgrown with stinging nettles and thimbleberry.  



Kyle Stetler & Chuck Mannning 

 Wam Lookout

Assessment & Project

Wam Mtn Lookout is located in the Ten Lakes Scenic Area and is about a 5 mile hike from the trailhead.  This was a two day assessment/maintenance gig by NWMT-FFLA volunteers, Traute Parrie and Chuck Manning with the assistance of the Fortine Ranger District Trail Manager, Dan Ward and crew, Scott, John, and Aaron with Archeologist Cindy Hemry.  Besides doing the assessment, badly needed maintenance was accomplished on the shutters which over the years have weathered some extreme environmental conditions.  The shutters were repaired to withstand winter’s weather events with plans to be replaced next summer.  A special thank you must go out to the Fortine RD trail crew and others who hand carried in all of the supplies we needed for the repairs on this lookout.



Chuck Manning

 Berray Lookout Assessment

The Berray Mountain Lookout assessment was conducted by three NWMT-FFLA volunteers.  Berray Lookout has not been staffed for many years and is on the Cabinet Ranger District’s short list to be restored.  Berray Mountain Lookout is located north of the Clark’s Fork River and East of the Bull River.  During the assessment is was evident that a new roof was being installed to protect the structure from further water damage.  Structurally the lookout is in good shape and we look forward to working with the Kootenai National Forest and the Cabinet Ranger District in an effort to restore this historic structure.

Our appreciation to members Doug Ferrell, Doug Lang, and Chuck Manning for this assessment.


Chuck Manning

Project History

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 Mt Brown Lookout Assessment

Mt Brown, on the National Historic Lookout Register, is strenuous 5 mile 4,250' elevation gain slog above Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, commanding views of Mount Vaught, McPartland Mountain and Heavens Peak towards the north, Sperry Glacier towards the east, as well as Lake McDonald in the valley far below.

This assessment was to be followed with a maintenance project but due to protection wrapping as a result of the Sprague Fire the project will likely be on 2018 program.

Thank you to NWMT/FFLA volunteers Scott Murphy and Greg Evans for your effort and support on this assessment.



Scott Murphy  

Project History

2021   2020   2019   2018   2017   2016  2015  14/13

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