2016 Completed Projects

 Meadow Peak Lookout

Phase One of this three year project was the outcome of a collaborative 2015 condition assessment conducted by the Kootenai National Forest and the NWMT-FFLA. 


Based out of the historic Raven Ranger Station, this summer's crew traveled each day to work on the lookout. 


This year's work consisted of replacing several structural bracing and supports on the tower, removing the shutters to be repaired at the Regional Historic Preservation Shop in Missoula, cleaning out and disinfecting the attic to remove pack rat litter, and removing/replacing the shutter header and soffit to name a few. 


At the end of the work session, the lookout was buttoned up in preparation for winter and to keep the little furry unwanted guests from taking up residency once again.  

A huge thank you must go out to
Justin Moschelle, Dustin Hill, Cindy Hemry & John Fable of the Kooteni National Forest and 
Brenda McClure, Terry Richmond, Larry Shadow, Carl Sobczak and Chuck Manning for their dedication and help in restoring this historic structure.

Justin Moschelle Photos

"Congratulations to the NWMT-FFLA board for planning and implementing a challenging schedule of lookout repairs and assessments. I really enjoyed the projects I worked on and hope to do more in the coming year. Met great people and saw stunning scenery, what more could you ask for? Coffee mugs!!"

Larry Shadow

 Little Napa Lookout

 Group Maintains Historic Lookout 

Replacing the stairs on Little Napa Lookout was a very important and necessary project this summer due to safety concerns. 

Through the efforts of retired architect Daniel Revell and NWMT-FFLA volunteers Steve Penner, Doug Berglund, Eric Berglund, Rick Davis, and Chuck Manning,

it is no longer a hazard. 


DNRC supplied the materials and NWMT-FFLA supplied the labor.  Next summer the trapdoor and catwalk will be replaced/repaired. 


A special thank you goes out to everyone at DNRC’s Forest Division/Swan Unit for the role they played in this project.  Little Napa is staffed part time by DNRC.

Chuck Manning & Kjell Petersen Photos

 Moran Patrol Cabin

Resting on a ridge on the Whitefish Range members and friends of the NWMT-FFLA gathered to put a fresh coat of paint

on this shelter.

This cabin, on the Glacier View District of the Flathead National Forest , was stabilized a few years ago by the Forest Service under the guidance of Leif Haugen.  

NWMT-FFLA was asked to apply

a coat of paint to the cabin.

We are especially grateful to co-team leaders, Nancy & Chuck Manning for coordinationg this project.  

Special thanks to Inez Love, Donald Stolte, Barrett Garcia, Vonda Harmon Garcia, Sidney Garcia, Steve Penner, and Caleb Stolte for volunteering for this project. 


Chuck Manning Photos

 Northwest Peak Lookout

Northwest Peak Lookout

is located in the Northwest Peak Scenic Area on the Kootenai National Forest.  As part of the MWA’s Wilderness Walks/Trails Projects, the NWMT-FFLA led a group of volunteers to NW Peak to conduct a field condition assessment and do a little project work on this historic lookout.  Built in 1929, this L4 lookout prototype has withstood some of the most extreme weather conditions possible.  MWA members Peter and Diane McNair, Bob Saint-Louis and NWMT-FFLA members Nancy and Chuck Manning along with Forest Service employees John Fable and Dave Thorstenson from the Three Rivers Ranger District spent several hours working on this historic lookout while all the time being seduced by the unparalleled beauty of its surroundings.

Chuck Manning Photos

 Mud Lake Lookout

A crew of three made a 20+ mile hike to work on phase 2 of this historic lookout located in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  They were joined at the lookout by Andy Nelson, Spotted Bear Ranger District’s Back Country Facility Manager.  The scope of phase two consisted of leveling and squaring the lookout on its loose stack rock foundation, removing and repairing windows, and moving the radio repeater and solar panel away from the structure.  The project could not have happened without Salmon Forks Outfitters (SFO) support.  Packers Jay Evans and Brady Breese of SFO made several trips to the lookout to deliver and retrieve materials and supplies.  The NWMT-FFLA crew consisted of Mark Beckwith, Kyle Staat and Chuck Manning.


The bulk of the funding for this phase 2 restoration project

generously provided by

The Montana History Foundation

Mark Beckwith & Chuck Manning Photos

 Apgar Lookout


This project in

Glacier National Park 

involved scaping & painting all white surfaces...windows,door & frames.

Scraping & painting all brown surfaces...

siding, shutters, deck, stairs, & posts.

Replacing one broken window and

re-glazingothers as needed.

Replacing two door shutter boards.

A special thanks to Team Leader, Scott Murphy and volunteers Greg Evans and Sue Paulson for making this project a success.


Scott Murphy & Chuck Manning Photos

 Lookout Condition Assessments

Little Napa


Meadow Peak



McGuire Mountain


Apgar Mountain


Northwest Peak


Mount Henry


Wam Mountain


 Firefighter Lookout

This maintenance and painting project was located the Hungry Horse Ranger District, Flathead National Forest. 

The project involved scraping and painting two coats on the exterior of the cabin, sanding and painting four flights of stair and catwalk handrails and oiling the tower structure. They also restored the brass threshold panel to shiny niceness,

and a few other touch ups.

We salute the crew of volunteers for the hard work and awesome results:

CrewLeader: RickDavis, 

Volunteers: TrauteParrie, ZanDeery, InezLove, & LarryShadow.

Zan Deery & Traute Parrie Photos